At Autoclass Garage your vehicle would be serviced as per Mercedes-Benz recommendations. Our Trained Technicians follow the same servicing schedules as the Mercedes-Benz Dealer would. All servicing records will be updated on Mercedes-Benz’s own Digital Service Book system and you will be provided with a hard copy for your records.

Servicing & Maintenance

We choose to use Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts for a number of reasons as they are specifically designed for your vehicle, fit first time and carry a two year warranty. The perception of using Genuine Parts is always that they are more expensive, however recent price analysis has shown this not to be the case as some parts are actually cheaper than the pattern parts supplied by the local supplier.

Your Mercedes-Benz will normally require one of two basic service packages (Service A or Service B) annually or at 15,500 miles, whichever is soonest. A and B services are fixed priced basic services that consist of a set number of items to check and/or replace. Earlier models use a similar ASSYST system but the services are denoted Minor or Major

As your vehicle ages, Mercedes-Benz recommends that a number of additional items are inspected or replaced. These carry a service number, which will be charged on top of the basic A or B service price. Spark plugs, fuel filters, brake fluid and automatic transmission service are all classed as additional Items.

These additional items can catch you out, often more than doubling the price of the initial A or B Service quotation if the information supplied to us is correct, there will be no hidden surprises on your service quote. We prefer to spend a bit of time, working out what your vehicle needs then give you an accurate quotation.

Why not contact us for a quote? All we need is your registration number and current mileage then we can do the rest.

Have you had a health check carried out recently by another garage? Contact us for a second quotation – or if you would like a second opinion just give us a call.

We understand that you are busy so you can always reach Autoclass Garage by email , Facebook or phoning 01908 222244 so get in touch and see what we can do for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

In addition to basic servicing, we have the capabilities to carry out repairs on ALL Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Serviceable Items

  • Approved engine oils and oil filters
  • Transmission oils and oil filters
  • Brake fluids, brake pads and braking system components
  • Air, fuel and internal filtration
  • Spark plugs and ignition system components
  • Engine coolant and cooling system components
  • AdBlue fuel additives and fuel system components
  • Tire rotation and drivetrain components


If you have a warning light on the dash whether that be a Engine management light, ESP light or SRS light we can look at it here at Autoclass.

We're certified by Mercedes-Benz to provide Software Calibration Number (SCN) Coding.

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